By ordinance the City of Spokane created the Neighborhood Council program to improve communication and provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the civic process.


Your work as a group will bring recognition from the City Council that you have met the goals for becoming  a Neighborhood Council. The group will be officially added to the list of Councils. Your neighborhood benefits because you and your neighbors have shown that you care

As a resident of the Riverside neighborhood, you have many opportunities to become involved in neighborhood activities and decisions. Each neighborhood is represented by a Neighborhood Council which is, in turn, represented by a City Council District.

The Riverside Neighborhood Council is unique in that it falls within a portion of 2 City Council Districts. That means you have the representation of 4 City Council members within Districts # 2 and 3!!

Your Neighborhood Council meets regularly, so call your Neighborhood Council representative to find out the latest dates and times of the meetings!!

Becoming involved in your Neighborhood Council gives you an active voice in your neighborhood and makes you a better-informed citizen. We encourage you to participate in the Riverside Neighborhood Council. Meetings are from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Downtown Library Room 1-A